Report: Qinghai commissions world’s largest lithium metal project

Jinkunlun Lithium in Qinghai province put 3,000 mt of lithium metal capacity into trial production on July 28. This is the largest lithium metal project in the world.锂电

Located in Golmud city, the project extracts anhydrous lithium chloride from local salt lake brines and produces lithium through a molten salt electrolysis process.

The company plans to invest 1.4 billion yuan to build 15,000 mt of lithium salt capacity. This will include 8,000 mt of high-purity lithium chloride capacity, 2,000 mt of battery-grade lithium carbonate capacity, 2,000 mt of lithium-magnesium alloy capacity and 3,000 mt of lithium metal capacity.

Source: SMM