High temperatures, heavy rain hinder operation at construction sites

Procurement slowed across construction sites in China as rising temperatures in the north and heavy rain in the south affected operations in the last two days.


In the north, night operations at sites were closely monitored to ensure safety. The move followed after sites in the north began summer working hours this week.

From June 20, areas in north China including Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Henan, and Shandong will experience high temperatures for a few days. Temperatures could reach a high of 38°C.

Production of blast furnaces in Tangshan city is likely to be impacted if high temperatures keep up and exacerbate ozone pollution in the area.

Since May 27, Tangshan has experienced frequent production cuts and suspensions. Though each round of measures were relatively short, some steel mills have started to report a shortage of iron ore pellets.

In south China, torrential rain across ten provinces such as Jiangsu, Anhui, Zhejiang and Jiangxi affected operation at construction sites.

Transactions of steel products in cities such as Hangzhou, Shanghai, Hefei, and Xiamen slowed on June 20 as some construction sites suspended operations.

It was also reported that the heavy rain in Fujian province caused ponding on the roads and hindered transport.

Source: SMM