Tangshan steel mills to cut, suspend production Jun 14-17

To counter heavy pollution, the Tangshan government in Hebei province will undertake emergency measures from 15:00 June 14 to 12:00 June 17.减产

During this period, sintering machines and shaft furnaces at steel mills in Lubei, Kaiping, Guzhi, Fengrun, Fengnan districts, Luan, Luannan and Leting Counties will be suspended. In the remaining areas across the city, production will be cut by half. These measures will not apply to mills with dry desulphurisation facilities.

Lime kilns at steel mills will also to have cut production by half. Casting plants and plants with independent lime kilns have to stop production.

Coking duration at all coke plants in the city will be extended to 36 hours.

Delivery vehicles will banned from entering or leaving the port and the plants of steel, coke, power, cement, chemical and coal mining sectors.

These measures come after the Tangshan government implemented similar measures during May 26-June 3 and June 5-7.

Source: SMM