Tangshan imposes new round of cuts across steel mills

To fight heavy pollution, Tangshan, Hebei province imposed another round of production cuts at steel mills from 20:00 June 5 to 8:00 June 7 after previous cuts ended on June 3, the local government announced on Tuesday. 河北减产

This new round of cuts retains the same requirements from the previous round. This includes full suspension of sintering machines and shaft furnaces at steel mills in Lubei, Kaiping, Guzhi, Fengrun, Fengnan districts and Luan County, and 50% production cuts in the remaining areas across the city.

Such restrictions are not required of those with dry desulphurisation facilities.

All coke plants in the city have to extend coking durations to 36 hours. Delivery vehicles are banned from entering or leaving the port and the plants of steel, coke, power, cement, chemical and coal mining sectors.

However, the previous round of cuts saw little impact as some steel mills failed to meet those requirements.

On June 1, the government extended the termination date of the heavily-polluted weather alertto midnight on June 3.

From June 5 to 7, lime kilns across steel mills in Tangshan were required to cut production by half.

Source: SMM