Xuzhou steel mills to resume production in late June

Steel mills in Xuzhou, Jiangsu province, are likely to resume operations in late June. Steel plants in Xuzhou are currently fully suspended. 徐州钢厂

It is unlikely that Xuzhou steelmakers will resume operation before June 11, as the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) summit in Qingdao ends that day.

A local steel plant said that it had completed the rectification works, and will resume operation after the government’s round of inspections around June 20.

Some showed concerns that another round of environmental check will affect their production as China started to review on previous environmental checks across 10 provinces from Monday May 28. Jiangsu is one of the 10 provinces.

If environmental inspection teams from the central government are established in Jiangsu, Xuzhou will be one of the first cities in the province to be impacted.

Since April 11, steel mills across Xuzhou have been suspended for rectifications and cannot resume production unless they pass checks conducted by the environmental inspection team.

Source: SMM