MN Dastur and World Steel Dynamics announce partnership

Dastur International Inc USA, a subsidiary of M N Dastur & Co, and World Steel Dynamics, a global information service provider for the steel industry announced a strategic partnership to combine their respective strengths in global market analysis and deep techno-economic know-how.时间钢铁超市TSS 中国模具钢网 (4)

The current market environment has created unique possibilities for investments in flexible founding of Dastur Innovation Labs capacities, asset revitalization and digitally enabled productivity improvements that can significantly enhance profitability for steelmakers and hence ensure better returns for investors, an official statement said. Strategic macro-economic and market insights combined with deep know-how in iron & steel-making technologies, economics of operations, logistics, plant engineering and digitization techniques can alter the competitive landscape and create lasting competitive advantages for North American steelmakers.

WSD and Dastur will leverage the wealth of their joint institutional knowledge, global experience and research, to create practically achievable solutions for its customers.

Commenting on it, Peter Marcus, Founder and Chairman Emeritus of WSD said that “Consulting assignments worth tens of millions of dollars without creating a lasting impact will be replaced by the application of deep technical and economic I.Q., combined with an intuitive understanding of the markets that can create measurable results.”

Mr Rustam Dastur chairman of MN Dastur & Co said that “We believe that the foundation of tomorrow’s most competitive and innovative steel firms will be based on sustainable and optimal process technologies, operational excellence and compelling economics.” He said Dastur & Co. made a commitment to its North American customers last year in these areas with the founding of Dastur Innovation Labs. He added that “In taking this next step with WSD: we look forward to serving customers in North America and elsewhere in a more comprehensive manner.”

The two firms pledged to combine their strengths in different geographies and wide range of experiences over a combined eighty years to share the benefits of such a collaboration with customers looking to identify new ways to innovate, improve productivity and increase profitability.

Source : Economic Times