The China Mold Steel Portal (www.mojugang.net) is operated by the Shenzhen Time e-Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd. We are a professional eCommerce platform for the mold steel industry and leading the transformation of the industry.  Our web site provides useful and value-added contents, which make our portal one of the largest community for the China Mold Steel Industry in terms of market share and customer satisfaction. We continue to satisfy the need of our customers and different stake holders which are related to the industry. Through the building of a real time and interactive eCommerce platform, and well as the organization of Industry Forum, We have created the Big Data Analytics Application to improve the productivity of the China Mold Steel Industry in terms of research and development, production, sales and customer services.

China Mold Steel Portal (www.mojugang.net) is now oepn for business. Our members is free to create their own web site or eStore within our portal. Our vision is to create the largest marketplace for the Chinese Mold Steel Industry, letting the potential mold steel buyer to enjoy the benefit of One Stop Trading and our Internet Finance Services of the Mold Steel Supply Chain .

Requirement to join as members:

  1. The company should have the required business registration record, product license document, official service authorization, and professional qualification to sell mold steel and provide related services.
  2. The company should provide high-quality products, services and reliable logistics service.

Business Operation

We will offer our members a hosting space to build their own web site or eStore within our portal. After setting up the administrator account, our members could remotely update their product and pring information at their eStore from the back end control panel and process order through our platform. Most importantly, we will provide them Internet Financial Services to complete their transaction if they have such need.

Let’s join together to build a better future for the China Mold Steel Industry.

Welcome to contact us and cooperate.